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Discussion Papers: 

Neumann, M.J.M. (1995a) : Society, Government, and Central-Bank Independence; SFB 303,Universität Bonn, Discussion Paper No. B-324. 
Neumann, M.J.M. (1995b) : A Comparative Study of Seigniorage: Japan and Germany; SFB 303, Universität Bonn, Discussion Paper No. B-324. 
Neumann, M.J.M. (1995) : International Macroeconomic Coordination with Alternative Central Bank Constitutions: Will EMU Come About?; University of Bonn, mimeo, April 1995. 
Neumann, M.J.M. (1995) : Monetary Union in the Absence of Political Union; Yrjö Jahnsson European Integration Lectures No. 6. 
Neumann, M.J.M. and J. von Hagen (1995) : The Strategy of Monetary Targeting: Can the German Experience Provide a Model for the ECB?; SFB 303, Universität Bonn, Discussion Paper No. B-324. 
Weber, A.A. and J. Mélitz (1995) : The Costs/Benefits of a Common Monetary Policy in France and Germany and Possible Lessons for Monetary Union; mimeo. 
Weidmann, J. and J. Henry (1995) The French-German Interest Rate Differential since German Unification: The Impact of the 1992-1993 Crises, European University Institute, EUI Working Paper RSC No. 95/16. 
Wesche, K. and J. Weidmann (1995) : Central Bank Independence and Seigniorage: The Banque de France; University of Bonn, SFB-Discussion Paper No B-307.


Discussion papers can be downloaded in Acrobat-PDF format.
Papers that are not available as pdf-file can be ordered free of charge at the institutes secretariat.

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